Some call them problems, we call them solutions.

We work closely with a network of sub-suppliers, where we find professional and safe solutions for your task or project.

Our team of experienced production engineers is delighted to help optimize or construct the most efficient products to meet the needs of your company. By assessing all aspects of design, from materials and safety to product efficiency, our company’s goal is to ensure the highest quality products at the best price.
Even if your needs are still in the form of an idea, the professionals at NORDMET are excited to bring your vision and preliminary concepts to life with intricate drawings, meticulous blueprints, and even sample prototypes for your hands-on inspection.

NORDMET offers a variety of add-on services such as:

1. Confidential agreements in place when required.

2. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services are implemented when NORDMET makes a part or parts onsite that are used in our client's end product.

3. We produce the goods only when the original drawings and other technical documentation has been accepted and approved by the client.

4. Quality control done in order of high-low priorities.

5. Goods are packed in cartons with your logo, ready for dispatch.