Stock & Distribution

Stock, distribution and direct delivery.

Thanks to the support of both B2B and B2C logistics, our customers can have a new and undisturbed approach to their current operations.

Distribution of manufactured stock and direct delivery of goods from one service provider allows the following:

1. Warehousing and direct delivery to you or your customers worldwide straight from NORDMET. (B2B and B2C direct deliveries)

2. NORDMET can take an active part by stocking your products in-house. We can assist in determining the economic order quantity to avoid unnecessary storage costs.

3. The goods will only be ready for shipping after careful quality control and can be packed in cartons with your logo and an enclosed packing list.

Our expert knowledge in the B2B and B2C segment allows for the seamless implementation of convenient services. Regardless of the country of destination, we are able to send both pallets and parcels to the location of your choice.


Contact us now with your inquiry, and expect no less than a 99% quality rating, and no less than 95% of orders to arrive either on time or early!

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