Quality and Price

Since the beginnings of NORDMET, we have strived to emphasize customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. By controlling and monitoring the manufacturing process from start to finish, our employees make every effort to reduce the costs of production and offer our clients the most affordable prices along with unmatched quality. Quality and price play a key role in each and every offer that we present to our customers.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. *
- Benjamin Franklin

Quality and price comparisons, quality control in each phase, and guaranteed expected delivery times are all part of the sub-contracting process by which NORDMET is able to streamline services and expedite the production of your order. NORDMET expects no less than 99% quality and a 95% delivery timeframe to be honored by all sub-suppliers, so your project stays on track.

NORDMET seldom uses one sub-supplier for one product. For each detailed sub-product, we carefully choose a solid and professional sub-supplier, so your product is offered at the best possible price for each individual mechanical treatment – precisely tuned for its purpose.

quality and price