How to stop steel from rusting?

28 maj 2015

How to stop steel from rusting?

Steel is one amongst the most common metals in our everyday life, however we are often able to see that there's corrosion on the steel surface and it is caused by rust that consists of iron and oxygen.

This compound, called iron oxide, may be from the reaction between steel, air and water.
Given enough time, air and moisture, any iron mass can convert entirely to rust and disintegrate completely.

How to prevent it?

We have a tendency to often use iron and steel goods, and this can be why protection against rust has become an important economic challenge.

• Barrier Protection: a barrier layer may be applied between the steel, air and water. A barrier protection may be obtained by applying paint on the surface or by covering the surface with a fine layer of grease or oil or by galvanizing the steel mass using metals like copper, nickel, chrome or zinc.

• Protection by galvanization: During this technique, steel surface is platedmost commonly with zinc. Zinc prevents the corroding of iron. Zinc, magnesium and aluminium powder mixed with paints also are effective to shield steel from rust.

• Use of Anti-rust solutions: The alkaline phosphate and chromate act as anti-rust solutions. Once a steel object is covered with the solution, a protective insoluble iron phosphate film is created. The film stops the steel mass from rusting.