- Liquid painting in your choice of one or two colors

Liquid painting is the traditional method of applying paint, which protects the surface against corrosion and gives the proper look. Modern applications provide a very high surface quality.

Advantages of liquid painting:
• very elegant appearance / finish.
• wet Painting is suitable for materials that are multicolored.
• long life outdoor applications, using the appropriate coating thickness.
• wide range of colors.

- Powder painting of your choice of one color.

Powder coating is an advanced method used in the lacquering. It consists in putting the powder on the surface of the conductive (metal elements) using electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying.
The hardening process takes place at a temperature of 140-200 ° C, where the applied powder melts and polymerizes. This surface is resistant to adverse factors.

Advantages of powder painting:
• saving paint,
• large capacity,
• corrosion resistance,
• better protection against damage,
• greater protection against chemical factors,
• no negative effects on the environment.
• materials with holes having a diameter of less than or equal to 1.0 mm can be powder coated
(when the holes are less than 1. mm it will be necessary to confirm the feasibility).


Powder painting takes place in a spray booth.
Once the powder is applied, the elements are cured in a professional stove.

Available color palletes: