Custom Metal Bending Services with Precision Bending Tools

- Bending

We offer professional bending, based on experience and skills of our employees and partners. These operations can be performed on metal sheets, pipes, profiles, and rods.

We are able to change the shape of common metal components that can be noticed all around. Starting from balustrades of stairs, balconies, through decorative elements, parts of furniture, lamps and other objects of everyday use, and components of industrial machines. This shape giving process takes place with the use of several available techniques, but in each of them is performed without a loss of material.

The precision and the numerical control of machines allow us to obtain a very high reproduction ratio of the details performed.

Experience gained in CNC operations allows us to perform difficult and complex operations.

We offer bending of various shapes and the highest quality of elements in any number of units.

Materials available for bending:

• steel
• stainless steel
• brass
• bronze
• copper

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