Best Metal Polishing

- Polishing and its mechanical properties

Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by using cotton discs and high-grade metal polishing compounds, leaving a surface with a significant mirror-like reflection.

The strength of polished products is normally higher than their rougher counterparts, owing to the removal of stress concentrations present in the rough surface. They take the form of corners and other defects which magnify the local stress beyond the inherent strength of the material.

We offer glossy finish of sheet metals and details of complex shapes, generating mirror-like surface finishes.

Materials available for polishing:

• steel
• stainless steel
• aluminum
• brass
• bronze
• copper

We have the knowledge and experience with the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that includes:

- All kinds of brass, bronze, copper and aluminum castings
- Sand cast, hot and cold forged components
- Window and door handles
- Furniture handles and legs
- Any metal decorative accessories
- Selected sections or the entire surface of components with the high-gloss method, i.e. mirror effect, which is as effective as chroming and provides long-lasting gloss.

Nordmet Sp. z o.o. * is also a distributor of Schmidts Polérmedel AB *.

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