Production Service and OEM

OEM * (original equipment manufacturer) services are implemented when NORDMET makes a part or parts onsite to be used in our client's end product. By using an OEM, your company can obtain any and all necessary components or products without owning and operating an expensive manufacturing facility.

With a combination of in-house production and assembly of customized parts in addition to our priceless relationships with reputable, international sub-sourcing companies, NORDMET adheres to the highest quality of standards, thus providing your company with unbeatable products at unbeatable prices.

With superior parts from those top producers and assembly at relatively low labor costs here in our Poland-based factory, your company is guaranteed the most competitive prices along with the best quality products.

Get more value for your money as we offer:

- Multi-lingual communication in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and German
- Professional and technical documentation
- JIT (Just In Time) for increased efficiency
* A demand-driven inventory system in which materials, parts, sub-assemblies, and support items are delivered just when needed, neither sooner nor later, in order to eliminate product inventories from the supply chain.
- Comprehensive stock handling
- Direct delivery to the location of your choice
- Product-safe packaging with logo and labeling, including bar-coding

We take the financial risk by investing in your product before it reaches you, and act as a firewall for your production.

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