- Welding of multiple types of metal

The combination of individual elements into one coherent whole is a key skill used in construction. Thanks to this, it is possible to create complex, durable structures. In addition to soldering or screw connections - welding is the most popular method of joining.

What is welding?

In the simplest terms, it is a method of combining elements by melting their edges. Used for smaller and larger constructions, it guarantees resistance to basic deformation: stretching, bending, compression and torsion.

In most methods, this technique also allows the binder to be melted - an additional material intended to fill the groove between joined sheets or other elements of the structure. After solidification, a weld or joint element is formed from the molten metal.

Popular welding methods

There are many methods. Each of them is distinguished by the assumptions, material construction requirements and general level of advancement. The most important, however, is MIG / MAG and TIG method. Depending on the skill and scope of the welder's work, they will be useful to a greater or lesser extent.

MIG / MAG method

In this case, an electric arc is used, formed between the hot melt electrode and the welded material. The whole process is protected by shielding gas.

It is especially useful for work that requires high temperatures. MIG / MAG is also the most common and is the cheapest method used in welding.

TIG method

This method is based on an electric arc conducted between the welded material and a non-weldable electrode.

The use of the TIG welder is very wide. It is estimated that it is irreplaceable when working with aluminum, but its proper use requires great skill as well as patience. The process is also time-consuming.

At Nordmet we offer MIG/MAG and TIG  methods that achieve the highest quality, which is confirmed by many satisfied customers.

Each job is considered individually and correct method is applied according to the requirements.

Material available for welding:

• aluminum,
• black steel,
• stainless steel,
• brass.

I addition to welding, Nordmet also offers:

• bonding by welding
• soldering

welding welding

welding welding