Custom Laser Cutting and Engraving Services

- Cutting and engraving

NORDMET offers various techniques using the best available equipment. These machines are capable of high yield and high quality of edge detail with minimal working time. Their accuracy is up to 0.05 mm and 100% repeatability of cut elements.

Operations on metal, regardless of whether it is in the form of a sheet or a profile, is made using similar methods and aims to separate atomic bonds in the metal structure without affecting its physical and chemical properties. At Nordmet, we are able to determine and apply methods depending on such parameters as the thickness of the material, its type, desired precision or time required for such operation.

We are able to avail of cold and hot cutting methods. Cold methods include mainly cutting. The process uses classic circular or band saws, guillotines as well as water. We recommend this process when our customers need cutting thick beams, bars, metal blocks, and other similar materials.

We can also offer thermal or hot cutting of metals which differs from other techniques. The main difference is that during the process the structure of the edge is destroyed by burning, i.e. oxidation. This method uses devices equipped with an electrode, plasma jet or laser beam, and the process itself is a bit like welding, but the effects are slightly different and the process is faster.

We can also arrange for laser cut profiles of various shapes such as round, square, rectangular and irregular cross-section profiles. Laser technology also allows for engraving and cutting of plastics, wood, and wood-based materials with a thickness of up to 30 mm.

Materials that we cut:

• steel
• stainless steel
• aluminum
• brass
• bronze
• copper
• plastics
• wood-based materials such as plywood

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laser cutting laser cutting

Also available:

• water jet cutting
• plasma cutting