Does your company require a customized product with precise durability, exclusive or rare materials, and/or a unique surface treatment? The team at NORDMET is thrilled to help your company with any and all aspects of your customized product design and manufacturing needs.

If you need an explanation about any of the surface treatments or materials we use, or if you need to inquire about a specific service or product, be sure to call or email us today. We always look forward to helping a new customer and we are always happy to help our returning ones.

We treat each order as a complex series of activities precisely transforming individual customers' needs into finished products.

We emphasize on each of the manufacturing processes:

- survey
- development
- technological process
- determination of production channels
- internal transport
- quality control
- storage
- logistics and direct delivery

For all of the incoming customers’ inquiries, we find solutions in metal and wood production. Every inquiry is treated individually and developed reliably to determine the proper course of production with consideration of adequate lead times and costs. We cooperate with companies that have large machinery parks, in the scope of which we can fulfill most orders. Our subcontractors are checked in terms of quality and timely delivery.

We are ready and willing to help on any project, big or small. To request a free quote or to inquire about any of our services, please click here