At Nordmet we are able to offer a full range of non-ferrous materials in various and most common forms.

Aluminum and alloy sheets, rods, tubes, and profiles.

Brass sheets, rods, tubes, wires, and profiles.

Copper sheets, rods, and wires.

Rods, tubes, and bushings made of tin phosphor bronze B101 and aluminum bronzes ba1032

We also offer a wide range of stainless, acid resistant and heat resistant steel products such as sheets, rods, tubes, and profiles as well as cast iron products.

Our customers can choose from metal sheets cut to any size.

If you do not know what kind of material to choose for your project, please contact us. We'll be happy to help. Here is a metal weight calculator for our customers' convenience.

Available end product materials surfaces:

- Raw brass, matte brass, brushed brass, or mirror polished brass
- Raw bronze, matte bronze, brushed bronze, or mirror polished bronze
- Raw copper, matte copper, brushed copper, or mirror polished copper
- Raw aluminum, matte aluminum, brushed aluminum, mirror polished aluminum, or painted aluminum
- Raw, ground, brushed, polished or painted steel
- Raw, ground, brushed, or mirror-polished stainless steel
- Raw or painted cast iron

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